The Clarion Scottsdale Hotel, (480) 945-4392

5101 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, Arizona 85250

After selling out year after year, Liquid Pool Party has outgrown all residential venues and is relocating from private mansions to a Scottsdale Resort. The entire courtyard, and courtyard rooms are reserved for Liquid Pool Party!
Clarion Hotel Pool
Comparison Mansion Clarion Hotel
Party Area: Limited to the back yard Football field sized courtyard, lounge area, & restaurant
Accomodations: None Over 100 rooms onsite
Parking: None. Had to be shuttled from an offiste parking lot 100's of spots onsite
Restaurant: None On site
Bathrooms: Outhouse and portapotties Air conditioned bathrooms
Pool: 23,000 Gallons (estimate) 58,000 Gallons  (Estimate)
Transportation: Wait for a cab Free Shuttle service within 5 miles
Zoning: Residential, party is over at 6pm Party in the lounge is over at last call.
Changing Areas: None.  (The mansions are always locked) The privacy of your own hotel room.

Forced from the mansion at 6pm.

Can't walk a straight line? 

30 days in tent city is not a vacation!

Meander a few steps to the comforts of your hotel room. 

Stay Here: Clarion Scottsdale Hotel
Clarion Hotel Scottsdale restaurant and barScottsdale pet friendly hotel rooms
NOT Here: Sheriff Joe's Tent City for DUI Offenders